Car Loans for Students, Bad Credit, No Credit, Good Credit, New Immigrants, Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy

All you need is:

At least $1800 monthly income – before taxes

Employed at least 3 months – proof of income required

Cannot be on Ontario Works/Income Assistance/Welfare

Valid G2 Ontario license required

Resident of Ontario, Canada

Must be insurable

Over 18 years of age

Why Choose Us?

Auto loans for any kind of credit with Ontario’s fastest growing car loans and car sales services for credit building and repair. Our Special Finance Managers get 100% approval rate for people with no credit/bad credit or those who have been turned down in the past.

Transparent and reliable customer service

Close relationships with lenders that look to approve people with all kinds of credit

Quick Approval for low interest rate car loans

We help build or re-build your credit score

What if I don’t want a credit check, or share my SIN/credit history?

You’ll eventually have to – there’s no way around this: It’s required by law when you deal with any and all financial institutions.


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